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What is Our Social Club?

Our Social Club is what we call our doggie daycare service at Bark Town USA. Social Club is for friendly, social dogs that enjoy playing and interacting with other pups.

Recommended by veterinarians, trainers, rescue organizations, and breeders, daycare is an excellent solution for pet owners, who are gone during the day.


Our social club dogs enjoy the fun and companionship of a day filled with playing with other dogs, time in our ever-changing enrichment yard, and daily reinforcement of Canine Good Citizen behaviors with our playgroup trainers.

Why Does Your Dog Need Social Club?

  • Decreases behavioral problems

  • Reduces boredom and separation anxiety

  • Helps shy pups learn self confidence

  • Teaches manners and proper etiquette

  • Builds strong bonds and friendships for your pet

  • Encourages enriching social interactions with other dogs and humans

  • Provides physical exercise, aiding in weight management

Why Bark Town?

  • Safety, security and cleanliness are our top priorities

  • Knowledgeable and compassionate staff

  • Excellent hours and convenient location

  • Individualized and personalized attention for each dog

  • Supervised, structured play groups designed by dog trainers & canine enrichment coordinators

  • Indoor play area with Tenderfoot rubber flooring

  • Outdoor play area with plenty of room to run in our 4500 sq ft, fully fenced yard

  • Positive human interactions and play time with toys

  • Gives you peace of mind knowing your dog is well cared for while you are gone

What does a Social Club day include?

  • Structured group play time

  • Enrichment yard play time

  • Daily reinforcement of Canine Good Citizen behaviors with our trainers

  • Individualized enrichment games, puzzles and activities

Social Club group play is not for every dog. Some dogs need a little help with their social skills, get overwhelmed with large groups, or just prefer a more one on one experience. 

Sound like your dog?

 Skills Club is for you!

What Does Skills Club Include?

  • Independent or small group play based on your dog's individual needs

  • Skill building for social settings

  • Report cards weekly

  • Individualized enrichment games, puzzles and activities

  • Enrichment Yard Play





At Bark Town USA, we know how special your baby puppy is! That's why we have curated special programs

for our puppies between 10 weeks and 5 months old.

Let us help set your fur baby up for life long success!

Learn more about our puppy programs HERE!

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