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Why Bark Town USA

Bark Town USA Is Livingston Counties original dog daycare. 

Since 2005 we have been a company founded on the principles of providing the best possible care for your pet. We are locally owned and operated and pride ourselves on being strong supporters of our community.   

But who are we?  

We are dog lovers! We are also pet professionals with certifications in canine CPR, training and grooming. 

(Meet Our Team Here)

What makes Bark Town Different?

Dogs are our passion! 

We Believe in 

Celebrating Dogs This is what it is all about for us,  days full of enrichment specifically designed for each of our dogs. Honoring each dog in our care and celebrating them for who they are, naturally and individually. Providing them with social experiences and teaching them skills that help them learn how to Thrive in our human world. Treating them with love and kindness, compassion and scientifically proven positive reinforcement.  

We Believe in

Inspiring Connections We value the relationships that we build here at Bark Town. We build relationships with our clients, that allow us to fill them with comfort and confidence knowing they have a resource to help them give their dogs the best life possible. We build relationships  with our dogs, by finding the brilliance in each dog and letting them shine. The most important connections that we foster are the relationships that the dogs make with other dogs, connections that often last a lifetime.  

We Believe in

Igniting new adventures We believe in always moving forward.  As we learn more and more about our dogs, we can provide better lives for our dog.  There are so many areas that we have seen improvements in the way we care for our dogs. Through research and science we now have better food for our dogs, we also have higher levels of veterinary care. But did you know that we also have scientific research on the best training methods to use and how to best handle behavioral problems. We continue to follow the most current scientific evidence that promotes the total wellness of our dogs. As we learn more we do more, implementing new ways to add richness to our dogs lives. These new ideas spark exciting possibilities to ignite new adventures.


We Believe in

Making a difference We believe in making a difference. It’s about doing the little things that add up to big things, turning everyday moments in to memorable events.  Our passion comes from the heart and we put heart into all that we do.  It is our pleasure to be of service to you and your dog and we genuinely  ask How can we help? 


 We believe that we can make dogs lives better.  

At Bark Town, we have all the services you need including GroomingDaycare, and Training.

Why Bark Town USA: About
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