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Knowledge is power! If you want to understand how your dog thinks and how you can better communicate with them, or if you simply want some solid training protocols for common behavior issues, you've come to the right place! The books listed below provide solid foundation knowledge for anyone interested in understanding or learning positive reinforcement training. Many of these authors I have been lucky enough to meet, train with or personally learn from over the years and consider them at the forefront of the industry.

Doggie Language.jpeg

Doggie Language
by Lili Chin

Control Unleashed.jpeg

Control Unleashed Collection
by Leslie McDevitt

Genius of dogs.jpeg

The Genius of Dogs
by Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods

cooperative care.jpg

Cooperative Care
by Deb Jones

BAT 2.0.jpg
Fired up, Frantic and Freaked Out.jpeg

Fired up, Frantic and Freaked Out
by Laura VanArendonk Baugh

click to calm.jpeg

Click to Calm
by Emma Parsons

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