I can only go by how my dog Minnie reacts when she walks in the door to see her new friends...she runs down the hall to meet them!! She loves going to Barktown. The staff is very informative with updates as well on Minnie if there are any comments or concerns.

Christine & Minnie

Our dog gets treated like an actual human child when he goes to Barktown. I know he is being cared for and monitored and having a blast with the other dogs. They go above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and welcome: from the extra puppy training on Wednesdays, to the birthday treats, and the pictures they post daily. I once felt very silly when I called to ask if my dog had gotten sick at all during the day because he had gotten into some of our food the night before, but they didn't hesitate to give me an update on him nor did I feel like a bother. I am so glad we found this hidden treasure

Helen & Doug

My dog Dixie absolutely loves this place. A win-win for both of us because she gets good socialization and exercise, and I don't have to worry about her at work. Wonderful and attentive staff as well!

Jessi & Dixie

Ace has been going here since he was a puppy. He loves it! They treat the dogs like family pets, he loves all the staff. I feel like he is well cared for. He is always super excited to play!

Jamie & Ace

We consider all the staff at BarkTown part of Maggie Mae's family. Without all of them she wouldn't be growing up to be the perfect girl she is :-) we have not a worry in the world when we drop her off for 'school'. You guys are amazing and very much appreciated!!!

Marcey & Maggie Mae

My girls Scout and Rosie love Barktown. The staff there is great with the dogs. Always know the girls are getting great care when they're there.

Judith & Scout & Rosie

My dog thinks it is the best doggie day care in the world!

Donna & Danny

Riggins loves coming to daycare! They treat him Iike their own and I know he is in good hands.

Mary & Riggins

Bark Town USA is our Teddy's home away from home. He loves being there!!

Dawn & Teddy

My dog has been going here for 5yrs. He loves it. Great staff. Great owner. They care about your dog!

James & Chip

April is excellent. She works with your dog and has lots of guidance. Our dog is always happy to visit. The other gals here, Jamie and Ruth, and others, clearly love the dogs.

Maria & Clary

Excellent service and care. Dogs get ample play time. Have indoor and outdoor play areas. Reasonable rates. Highly recommend, your dog will love it here!

Joanna & Chip

I can't believe this place doesn't have any reviews, I wouldn't have found it if it hadn't been for a coworker. 

I took my dog here for the first time this week, three days of daycare, and we both LOVE it. We've had bad experiences with other places - either he sits in a crate by himself all day and barely gets a potty break, or he gets to be crazy with other dogs but obviously isn't well supervised because he comes home limping.

The best part about Barktown is that they have a twitter feed and post pictures of playtime! I can see my dog is having a good time while I'm at work, and I know he's being well watched. It's a little expensive, but it's worth it to me to know and be able to see that he's being taken care of and happy. The staff is super friendly too, and there was no cancelation fee when it turned out I didn't need daycare for one day.

Pamela & Toby