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Private Enrichment Yard Rentals

Off leash play, enrichment and fun for you and your dog!

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Not Comfortable with Taking Your Dog to a Dog Park

but Want to Give Them the Fun and Freedom of Off Leash Play Time?

Our fully fenced enrichment yards are for you! Give your dog the opportunity to explore and engage with natural dog friendly items in a safe off leash environment.

Our enrichment yard theme changes monthly, providing your dog with constantly changing environments to interact with.

Not sure how to engage with your dog in our enrichment yards? Have no fear! We provide you with a tool box! In our enrichment yard you will find suggestions of games and interactive activities to play with your dog during your session. We also provide you with some fun toys and interactive objects to use during your session.

Come spend time with your dog in a whole new way!

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What is Enrichment and Why Does My Dog Need It?

As pet owners we want to give our dogs the best! After all, they are members of the family right? The same way members of your family have different outlets for their creative or mental energies (music and art for me, gardening for my mom and anything using his hands for my dad), your dog needs these same outlets for their mental and creative energies!


Over years of evolution, our dogs developed very important behaviors that would keep them fed, alive and social. However, by domesticating our dogs, we are now asking them to stop being the animals they have evolved to be. All of that survival energy is still present in Rover! Unfortunately, without the proper outlets, this energy often turns into "problem" or "nuisance" behaviors.


The good news is, as pet owners, we can learn to recognize Rover's needs, and provide him with positive outlets for his natural behaviors. By taking small steps to add enriching experiences to Rover's day we can reduce the occurrences of "problem" or "nuisance" behaviors. When opening up opportunities for our dogs to experience joy you just might find you open yourself up to experience more joy as well! I know that when I see my dog rolling around on my wet towel like it is his favorite thing in the world, I can't help but smile!

To learn more about enrichment, training and tips and tricks to raising a happy, healthy pup, follow our blog and podcast at

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