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Looking for more accessible resources online? Look no further! Below is a list of online programs, articles and podcasts that I highly recommend. Whether you simply want to understand how to fix an issue you are having with your dog, find a new way to connect with your dog or just learn a little more about how your dog thinks, all of these creators can help you!

Dogs That.png

Dogs That
Susan Garrett's dog training company. Susan Garrett is a trainer in Canada, who is a leader in online dog training as well as agility training. She has multiple courses, programs and groups that you can join, listen to or just learn from. Susan Garrett's training programs created the framework for how we work with dogs at Bark Town. She is an amazing trainer!

Home School The Dog.jpeg

Home School the Dog
Susan Garrett's pet owner dog training program. Covers basic dog manners and lots of Susan's fun training games!


Susan Garrett's program for teaching a rock solid recall (coming when called), through daily games that build trust, confidence and a life long bond.

Crate Games.jpeg

Crate Games
Susan Garrett's approach to teaching your dog to absolutely love their crate and for you to love training them to!


Handling 360
Susan Garrett's agility training program. Teach your dog the skills necessary to compete or simply enjoy the popular sport of agility. This program shows you how to build the proper foundation skills so that you can have fun with your dog safely and confidently.

Shaped by the Dog.jpeg

Shaped by the Dog
Susan Garrett's podcast. Her episodes cover everything from handling your new puppy to understanding the broader concepts involved in dog training.

Drinking From the Toilet.jpeg

Drinking from the Toilet
A podcast by Hannah Branigan, a certified dog trainer. Hannah uses her quick wit and amazing humor to discuss a wide range of dog training topics, with a wide selection of fellow trainers.

Liv from the ranch.jpeg

Live at the Ranch
A live podcast from the Karen Pryor Academy Ranch in Washington state. Top trainers discuss topics and research being done in the field of animal behavior and training. 


Have you ever wondered how smart your dog is? This prgram was developed by canine cognition experts at Duke university. You will be walked through a variety of tests to see how smart your dog is, how he thinks and how he interprets information. The results may surprise you!

AKC Reunite.png

AKC Reunite
We often overlook the dangers that exist for dogs living in our world. However, the AKC has developed a program to help us keep our family members safe. The AKC's Reunite program offers lost pet services, Pet Poison Helpline and Back Up Plan, in case something happens to you while your pet is home alone. 

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