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April: Canine Fitness Month

Bark Town USA

Apr 1, 2022

It's April!

This month we will be celebrating Canine Fitness Month!


In honor of Canine Fitness Month, Bark Town will be having it's first Canine Fitness Week! We will be doing fun conditioning exercises with all your pups throughout their day. If you want to continue the exercises at home your can download a PDF of the exercises below.

Fitness Activiites Handout (1)
Download PDF • 1.76MB

During our fitness week, we will be using the FitPaws Canine Fitness Month kit. This kit includes Kit Includes Agility Kit (6cones and 3 bars) for agility and cardio, Mini K9 FITbones for balance and core fitness and 4 Targets for Limb Awareness and Training! If you want to purchase the kit, to continue conditioning your dog at home, we can order your kit and have it delivered to your home, since Bark Town is a certified FitPaws dealer. To order fill out the order form below and return it to Bark Town. Get more information about the Canine Fitness Month Kit and check out FitPaws other awesome conditioning products below as well!

Bark Town USA Fit Paws Order Form
Download PDF • 59KB


Following our Canine Fitness Week,

we will be celebrating Pet ID Week.

Simply ask or following the link below to learn more about our featured product, AKC Reunite. AKC Reunite provides lost pet protection with or without a microchip. Enrollment lasts the life of your pet and creates amazing peace of mind for pet owners and safety for pets. Along with lost pet protection AKC Reunite offers Back up plan and Pet Poison Helpline programs. Back up Plan Protection provides a way for your pets t be taken care of in the vent you are involved in an accident and cannot get home to your pets. The Pet Poison Helpline allows enrollees to access a poison helpline free of charge anytime their pet is in need. Whereas a call to regular poison control will cost you $75! Contact us today for more information or follow the link below to learn more. Enroll now to keep your pets safe later!



Bark Town USA Staff

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