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We are excited to announce that Bark Town USA is

open for Grooming and Daycare services!

Please continue reading for all the information on our new procedures and operational changes to accommodate social distancing measures

and the CDC guidelines.

This is a difficult time for everyone.

In an effort to insure the safety of you and your dog, we have developed protocols to

meet the new requirements, while still providing the best quality service. 


We will be reopening our daycare services on



Grooming will be open MONDAY through SATURDAY.


Both services will require scheduled appointments with SCHEDULED DROP OFF TIMES



All drop offs will be done through our double gate system.

When you arrive to drop off your dog for either

daycare or grooming: 

  • Dog must be led into secured kennel space on our porch

  • Once you and your dog are in the kennel with the gate closed and latched, you may remove your dog’s leash (collar removal is optional).

  • An employee will open the building door and call your dog into the building and leash them.

  • Once your dog is secured in the building you may exit the kennel.

Picking up your dog will be

handled in the same way as drop offs. 

When it is your turn:

  • Walk up the ramp and enter the kennel on the porch, latching the kennel gate behind you.

  • An employee will greet you and retrieve your dog.

  • The employee will unleash the dog and open the building door, letting them out into the kennel with you

  • You may then leash your dog and once they are secure you may exit the kennel, latching the kennel gate behind you.

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In the hopes of helping all of our clients we will be

LOWERING our daily daycare rate to $30 PER DAY.

We will NOT be able to provide prepaid 5 or 10 day passes.

However, we will be able to allow purchases for each week

to be made in advance. 

Any passes bought prior to our closure will be honored upon reopening.


We will still be offering our multi dog discounts for 2 or more dogs

from the same house attending on the same day.


Payments may be made either online, by phone, cash or check.

If paying by cash or check, please place payment in one of our provided envelopes, write your dog’s name on it and attach it to the clipboard by the building door.


If you have medication, food or treats for your dog you can place it in the bin near the building door labeled “Goodie Bags”.

All food, treats and medication MUST be brought in a disposable bag

with your dogs name on it. 


If you have any questions regarding any of our new policies, procedures or Covid-19 protocols, please feel free to contact April for more information.


Phone: 517-548-9917

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